2007-10-11 - 2007-10-11Genes Evolution and...

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Unformatted text preview: 2007-10-11Genes Evolution and BehaviourDarwinCommon descentNatural selectionDoctrine of Progression and Special Creation (pre Darwin Ideas)World is full of as many diverse forms of life as there can beEach species is from God, not derived from one another Each species is pre-ordained, variations are error or pathologyContinuation of species is part of the Grand Ascending Chain of ProgressionoTop of chain is Western manoObvious ally to him was the Christian ChurchExplanations to fossils, etc. is The Great FloodCharles Lyello1830 book: the world is extremely old, most of the cataclysms were things like volcanoes, earthquakes, and floods like todayDarwin wondered how existing species could adapt and change to surviveUniformitarian GeologyoIntroduced by LyelloEndless time: earth is millions of years oldJean Baptiste-Lamarck (1744-1829)oInheritance of acquired characteristics (Lamarckian Inheritance)oEnvironmental effects on organ developmentoUse and disuse leads to changeoChanges in form through conscious willoMovement toward perfectionDarwinFirst sent to EdinboroguhChrists College Cambridge in theologyHMS Beagle (boat)oSpot reserved by botany professor, John Stevens HenslowoCape Verde Islands, Brazil, Galapagos...
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2007-10-11 - 2007-10-11Genes Evolution and...

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