2007-10-16 - Frozen Addict•Synthetic heroin produces...

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Unformatted text preview: 2007-10-16Frozen Addict•Synthetic heroin produces Parkinson-like symptoms•Impurity leads indirectly by way of a toxin to destruction of dopamine producing neurons•Confirms mechanism underlying Parkinson’s•Injection of fetal cells relieves symptoms•Natural selection works on the level of the individual•Does human evolution exist?oHave we prevented evolution in some ways (ex by evading death by disease and such)•Lemmings – for the good of the species ‘group selection’oAnimals that ‘commit suicide’ when there is a food shortageoMust give an advantage that causes the trait to exist in greater numbers in the surviving generationsoPossible ‘learned behaviour’•Kin selection and reciprocal altruismoLook like actions that do not aid the individualoActions in hope that the action is performed for them lateroDoes not work when applied to child to parent… genes not passed•Social DarwinismoA perverse application of natural selection to human societyoShould not help the weak, because they are disadvantaged, it is their fault....
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2007-10-16 - Frozen Addict•Synthetic heroin produces...

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