2007-11-15 - 2007-11-15SSC 3024 Pag-SiSleep and DreamsThe...

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Unformatted text preview: 2007-11-15SSC 3024 Pag-SiSleep and DreamsThe stages and character of sleepWhy do we sleep? Purpose and functionoEvolution, restorationSleep DisordersAs with sleep dreaming is not uniformoSlow wave dreams and REM dreamsLucid Dreaming mixing states of consciousnessNarcoleptic Dogs both funny and tragicoReflects complexity of neurological mechanismsCataplexy REM sleep-like loss of muscle toneNarcolepsy actual sleep attackThe Nature of DreamsWhen do we dream?oDreams can occur during any sleep stageHypnagogic state: transition from waking to early stage 2 hypnagogic delusionsMost dreams occur during REM sleepoREM-sleep dreams tend to be more vivid and storylike that non-REM, slow-wave sleepWhy do we Dream?oFreuds Psychoanalytic TheoryWish fulfillmentGratification of unconscious desires / needs (sexual and aggressive urges)Two important conceptsManifest contentosurface story of dreamLatent ContentoDisguised psychological meaning of dreamoActivation-Synthesis TheoryActivation = random neural activitySynthesis = brain making sense of thisBrain synthesizes best-fit story in response to random neural activationBut, no real inherent meaning to dreamsoDreams serve no functional PurposeBy-product of neural activityoMemory ConsolidationBasic Proposal: sleep allows for consolidation and organization in memory of learning occurring during each dayTwo important pieces of supporting evidenceRats brain activity in sleep repeats that in food seekingParallel result with humansExploration Repeated in Ratty DreamsPatterns of brain...
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2007-11-15 - 2007-11-15SSC 3024 Pag-SiSleep and DreamsThe...

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