2008-01-31 - o BMR and tendency to store energy as fat or...

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January 31, 2008 Motivation and Emotion 071109 02/01/2008 11:00AM SSC 6319 250412631 Megan Ross [email protected] 1 Social perceptions online survey – complete it Start reading chapter 11 Psychological Aspects of Hunger Powerful Forces o Positively reinforced by taste o Negatively reinforced by hunger o Expectations that eating will be pleasurable and will reduce hunger stimulate eating o Beliefs, memories, and attitudes about food can affect eating and dieting o Societal and cultural factors are critical Environmental and Cultural Factors Affecting Eating o Food variety o Smell and sight of food (classical conditioning) o Presence of others o Familiarity of food (tastes can be culturally specific) Obesity: Prevalence in Canada o 33% of adults are overweight; 15% obese o 20% children overweight; 8% obese BMI o Measure of body fat based on height and weight Genetic Influences
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Unformatted text preview: o BMR and tendency to store energy as fat or lean tissue o Account for 40-70% of the variation among people in BMI o No genetic reason can account for increase in obesity in recent decades • Environmental influences o Caloric Bomb: chocolate We evolved looking for good food sources and learned to acquire a taste for these more energy rich items o Portion size o Inexpensive, tasty foods, high in fat or carbs o Supersizing due to cultural value of getting best value o Decreased daily activity due to technological advances • Dieting and Weight Loss o No good estimates of weight-loss success o Many maintain weight loss without intervention o Motivations Health concerns Psychological and social concerns May evolve into eating disorders • Sex Differences in Body Image and Concerns about Weight •...
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2008-01-31 - o BMR and tendency to store energy as fat or...

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