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2008-02-19 - • Evolutuioinary roots – Protection o And...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 Bro-Zu Thames Hall Gym Concluding Cognitve Development Non-Piagetian approaches o Vygotsky: Scoffolding in the Zone of Proximal Development o Information Processing Approaches Hardware / software; metacognition; theory of mind Social Development Erikson’s life stages of development – lifelong challenges and opportunities of growth Attachment – Life’s path influenced by the quality of the first relationship Parent-offspring relationships in other animals o Origins of human attachment theory John Bowlby and the Attachment Theory Observations from ethology, clinical practice, wartime and hospital parent child separations Relationsip is primary , not secondary to other drives or needs o Chirldren do not develop on their own, they only develop within relationships o Winnacott: “There is no such thing as a baby!” Baby cannot exist alone outside of the social environment Human infant cannot physically survive in the absence of an adult
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Unformatted text preview: • Evolutuioinary roots – Protection o And apprenticeship? What are attachments? • Close emotional bond or tie of child to caregiver • The first relationship o Must be with someone (mother or father) that responds to child’s needs in a positive manner • Results in proximity and contact between parent and child • Evolutionary function is protection o Developmental purpose or function? • Child uses the parent as a safe haven and as a secure base • Attachments are discriminating • Attachments are only one part of the parent child relationship o Does not necessarily correspond to play • Attachments are important from ‘the cradle to the grave’ Eariliest Developmental Stages of Attachment • Three Baseic stages of attachment over first year of life o Indiscriminate Attachment Behaviour (newborns) o Discriminatat (3 months) o The first relationship...
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2008-02-19 - • Evolutuioinary roots – Protection o And...

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