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PowerPoint Project Guidelines The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to research and present a topic of interest in Psychology, and to familiarize themselves with presenting information in PowerPoint format. General Guidelines When preparing your PowerPoint presentation, keep the following points in mind: 1. You will not actually be required to present your presentation in person but should prepare it as if you were going to do so. 2. Keep your presentation to a maximum of 12 content slides (not including title page and references). 3. Suggested font size is 44 pts for titles, and 32 pts for on slide text. 4. Ensure good use of your space such that slides do not appear cluttered or busy. Try to keep to a maximum of 7 key points per slide. 5. All points stated that are not your own ideas must be properly cited. 6. Refer to the course website for APA formatting (see “APA Ref Styles” under “Useful Links”) of citations and references 7. You must use the notes section in your PowerPoint to clarify the key points stated in your slides. Keep the contents of your notes clear, precise and to the point; you may use point form in your notes section. NB . These points must be in the notes section - not in the slide itself - and should not exceed 10 lines of text per slide – approximately the notes necessary for 1.5min of verbal
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projectguidelines - PowerPoint Project Guidelines The...

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