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English Artifact

English Artifact - between herself and the other...

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Arsh Chopra Pd. 5 English 5/11/05 I chose the picture of the school to represent the change of Jill in The Road from Coorain . Before moving from Coorain due to the drought which led to her father’s death, Jill had everything she needed right there waiting for her. She pretty much was able to take her life for granted. All the food, money, and clothing seemed to be available all the time. Jill’s family was also, as she described, a mannered family or an English type of family which was civilized and proper. However, as the drought came and the sheep’s wool was no longer available, Jill, her mother, and two brothers moved away to Sydney, where Jill started school. Going there, she found that the children there were completely different from her previous perspective of life. Here, children teased here when she refused to answer questions that she found vulgar or offensive. Jill noticed differences
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Unformatted text preview: between herself and the other schoolchildren. At the age of 11, Jill was acting like a matured person who was no longer simply a carefree. While the other children were happy and laughed, Jill did not and acted as though she was above them in her sense of class and personality. Her parent’s discipline has taught her that the people of this school were common. Jill faced these people in silence until the day ended. Jill was forced up against the conflict of dealing with these seemingly unruly people. Going home, Jill was asked by her mother how the day had gone. Jill replied that it had been fine, however her mother saw through the act and said that she did not have to go anymore. Jill’s mother was so intent on not having Jill be around common folk and be exposed to what she saw as indecency. Growing up, Jill changed through her types of schooling....
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