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Poetry to Me

Poetry to Me - really enjoyed and write about it using...

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What Poetry is to Me When I was first introduced to poetry, I found that I did not like it very much because I thought it all had to follow certain criteria and had to rhyme. However, now I realize that poetry can be anything, from a little kid writing a paragraph on his day to a well-known poet writing a haiku. There are no set guidelines; it can be about anything, anywhere, or anything. Once I noticed what the real meaning of poetry was instead of just the stereotypical definition of it, I found that I enjoyed it. One of the types of poetry that I took to really easily was the dinka poem. This poem I got to chose something that I
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Unformatted text preview: really enjoyed, and write about it using similes and verbs. Another type of poetry that I found to be appealing to me was the haiku poems. For this, I got to get into a group with some of my friends. We just had to use a few words that were given to us, and we could make them into whatever we wanted. Before learning about poetry this year I could not have told you a single author of a poem. Now that I am starting to take to poetry, I am finding myself reading more and more everyday....
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