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Descriptive writing

Descriptive writing - every flaw of older models corrected...

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Arsh Chopra CP English 11 Descriptive Writing Preparing to fly for the first time, the man was as jittery as a mouse. He bounced up and down restlessly, unable to keep his mind of the flight to come. Thinking about the journey, the man laughed with glee. Nothing could bring him down today, not on the day of his magnificent flight. Criticism did not deter him form his goal. He would continue his quest for a perfect flight until it was complete. His shining face clearly expressed his emotions as he paced around his aircraft in adoration. He examined his plane with great intensity, breathlessly admiring its stunning beauty. This plane was his one and only, his awesome work of art. Unable to control himself, he continuously checked the airplane’s specifications, making sure everything was perfect. The flight would be seamless, with
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Unformatted text preview: every flaw of older models corrected. Nothing would go wrong during this flight, not as long as he was pilot. He would never forget this; it would be forever plastered in his mind. This was the day he had been waiting for almost his entire life. It was the day for which he was born; the day he was destined for. It would be perfect. Smiling nervously, but overtly happy as well, he exclaimed to himself with great pleasure, “I’m ready to fly with the wind!” The thrilled expression on his face made it blatant to any passerby the anticipation in his mind. Completely prepared for the flight, the man tried to relax as the time to fly approached. In the company of his amazing plane, the man was ready to take off into the welcoming sky....
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