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Corporate Media and the Threat to Democracy

Corporate Media and the Threat to Democracy - vote and...

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Corporate Media and the Threat to Democracy Group Summary Period 5 In Corporate Media and the Threat to Democracy , Robert McChesney begins by stating that the term “free market” is completely wrong because the market is not free at all. He points out that the market is controlled by those with the greatest income and wealth. In addition, McChesney claims that there is a lack of communication in the market and that social inequality is created by markets in general. This is because those who have more money will have a higher social status. Along with this, Robert McChesney says that if people are given a statement as fact, and they believe it, it will be seen as perfectly true. Finally, McChesney claims that just because people in the media
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Unformatted text preview: vote and think liberally, the media that they present is not necessarily liberal. Many of McChesney’s ideas relate to George Orwell’s 1984 . For example, in the book there is a clear lack of communication between the Inner Party and everyone else in Oceania. In addition, those who have information are high up on the social ladder and receive better living quarters and material possessions. Finally, the media is constantly being changed and updated to give the government a perfect record. Even though the information is changing, everyone believes it, therefore it becomes true....
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