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DoaS - Arsh Chopra Dana Salada CP English 12 Period 5...

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Arsh Chopra Dana Salada CP English 12 Period 5 PORTFOLIO INTRODUCTION 1. Topic of Portfolio: Freedom to live your life the ways you want 2. Reason for selecting topic: In our opinion, freedom to live life your own way is a major component of our definition of success. If you cannot live the way you want to, you will not enjoy life or be satisfied with yourself. By living free, you can still aim for financial success and material success, but still have a unique and personal way to go through life. Freedom to live your own life provides a basis for a happy and successful existence. 3. List of Contents Entry #1: 2006 Honda Civic (Commercial) Entry #2: New Years Resolution (Cartoon) Entry #3: Garmin GPS (Print Advertisement) Entry #4: Thrivent Financial Retirement (Print Advertisement) Entry #5: The Family Man (Movie)
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ENTRY DESCRIPTION Entry # 1 of 5 Product or Concept (signifier) : 2006 Honda Civic Media source : Commercial 1. In this commercial, a man is shown waking up, changing clothes, and getting into his Honda Civic. Then the commercial shows him driving on a map to many different places. After this we see a GPS system on the dashboard of the car with a picture of the Earth on it. The camera zooms onto the GPS and shows the car driving around the Earth. Finally, the car drives up to a voting booth and the man votes for the Honda Civic. 2. The Civic, a map, and a globe 3. I think the map signifies freedom and ease of travel when driving a Honda Civic. In addition, the car circles the globe which signifies the ability to go anywhere on the planet with a Honda Civic. 4. In order to achieve freedom to live your own life, you must buy a Honda Civic so that you can travel anywhere you want to. 5. Some negative consequences that could result from purchasing a Honda Civic are severe debt. In addition, cars emit harmful gases into the environment. Also, fuel prices are very high and will increase expenditures after purchasing the car. Finally, cars require a lot of maintenance, which result in more costs.
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