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Arsh Chopra CP English 12 Final Hamlet Writing In the play Hamlet , there is a very clear split between the upper class and the common people of Denmark. The upper class is comprised of the royalty and the noble who live in the most elegant homes and are treated with the most respect. The lower class lives further away from the castle and depends on the rule of the king in order to work towards success. Seemingly, one would expect the rich to have an excellent education, considering all the opportunities available to them. Likewise, the poor would not really have a chance at receiving a strong education. However, in Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet , there is a latent theme that demonstrates how although the upper class is portrayed as quite intelligent, it is actually the lower class that holds much of society’s knowledge. In Hamlet , an idea that helps explain the discrepancy in knowledge is the dependency of the royalty on the common people. Since the upper class already needs the support of the public in order to successfully run the nation, it can also rely on the people for other needs. As the kings rule the country, the common people work to support the royalty and themselves. They have to educate themselves in order to live successfully and
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FinalHamlet - Arsh Chopra CP English 12 Final Hamlet...

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