Langauge vs Thought Speech - Arsh Chopra CP English 12...

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Arsh Chopra CP English 12 Graduation Speech Language vs. Thought Try to remember a time where you felt an emotion, but couldn’t find a word for it. What if there was no word for it? This brings us to the question of what comes first: thought or language? The answer is in George Orwell’s 1984, where we see connections between language, thought, and social control. In the book, the Party is not only trying to control people by force, but also by invading their minds. The Party wants to limit thought by controlling speech and language. Throughout history, many researchers have studied the connections between thought and language. This topic has been very much like a “chicken or the egg” scenario (Cromie 1). Elizabeth Spelke, a professor of psychology at Harvard, says, “Infants are born with a language-independent system for thinking about objects” (Cromie, 4). In other words, babies can think and act without using words. Another major thinker of these ideas is Noam Chomsky. He is a linguistic professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who studies the relationship between language and thought (Szabó 2). According to Chomsky, the language faculty is part of our biological nature” (Szabó 6).
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Langauge vs Thought Speech - Arsh Chopra CP English 12...

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