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Section-2 - Their breasts protected by hard metal disks I...

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Sailing Around the Room Billy Collins Page 79 Man in Space All you have to do is listen to the way a man sometimes talks to his wife at a table of people and notice how intent he is on making is point even though her lower lip is beginning to quiver. And you will know why the women in science fiction movies who inhabit a planet of their own are not pictured making a salad or reading a magazine when the men from Earth arrive in their rocket. Why they are always standing in a semicircle With their arms folded, their bare legs set apart
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Unformatted text preview: Their breasts protected by hard, metal disks I chose this poem because it shows me how men can sometimes lose themselves at a party or around people that they want to impress. The title expresses by illustrating how the men might forget their surroundings and limitations or “be in space”; cut off from the world and be doing their own little thing while everyone else is acting normally. This poem shows me how not only men, but anyone, can lose themselves when trying to impress others....
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