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Arsh Chopra Advanced English 10 Rhetorical Analysis 2/13/06 In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar , Brutus and the other conspirators kill Caesar, which leads to eulogies being said by first Brutus, and then Mark Antony. Both of these characters use multiple rhetorical devices in order to fully express their intents and expand onto the speeches. One major way Brutus does this is by the use of parallelism to add ethos in his speech and make himself more credible. Another way this is done was by the use of anaphora to parallel two ideas and link them together. The use of anaphora is done through a pathos appeal. A third major way Brutus uses a rhetorical device in his eulogy of Caesar is by using antithesis, which also adds a pathos effect to his speech. These rhetorical devices come together during Brutus’s eulogy after the assassination of Julius Caesar and add interest along with embellished meaning to the speech. Brutus uses prose verse along with a pathos appeal to the plebeians of Rome to convince them of the need for Caesar’s death. Parallelism is similarly structuring a pair of related phrases or clauses. The use of parallelism adds balance and ease to a speech and makes the audience more comfortable with what is being said. Brutus uses parallelism during his speech after the death of
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Rhetorical Analysis Draft - Arsh Chopra Advanced English 10...

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