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Astro 101 16.3

Astro 101 16.3 - b When light strikes they exert pressure c...

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Astro 101 Chapter 16.3 Masses of Newborn Stars 1. There’s a limit to the mass of stars a. Due to gravity vs pressure b. Degeneracy pressure halts gravitational contraction before hydrogen burning begin. It only depends on density c. It prevents anything lower than .08M sun to become a star. 2. Brown dwarfs a. Brown dwarfs are between stars and planets. b. It’s cool c. Gravity doesn’t gain the upper hand 3. Highest mass is around 150 M sun a. Because of radiation pressure, caused b y light
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Unformatted text preview: b. When light strikes they exert pressure c. Anything over 150M sun, gravity loses and radiation blows away excess mass d. This is not explainable through models e. Perhaps two stars or more collided and joined together f. Can not last more than a few hundred thousand years before blowing 4. There are more low mass stars than high mass a. There are the most below .5M b. Most stars less massive than Sun...
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