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Astro 101 16.2

Astro 101 16.2 - 6 many young protostars fire jets or high...

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Astro 101 Chapter 16.2 Stages of Star Birth 1. contraction makes it increasingly difficult for emission line photons to escape, because density increases meaning more collision 2. the first stage of star contains a Protostar – a clump of gas that will become a new star. a. Protostar has dense center b. They look like stars with similar temperatures and luminosities c. But not a star because no nuclear fusion 3. gas from above rains down on the protostar to increase the mass a. done until gas surrounding the protostar is gone 4. young stars shoot jets of gas because of the cloud’s rotation 5. protostellar wind – outward flow of particles similar to solar wind a. old stars thus rotates slower than new ones
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Unformatted text preview: 6. many young protostars fire jets or high speed streams of gas into space a. usually go in opposite directions b. can be caused by magnetic field 7. binaries are caused by angular momentum a. close binaries are binaries that are close 8. At first its energy comes for gravitation contraction a. True star after 10 million K b. Hot enough for hydrogen fusion c. Halts proto star gravitational contraction d. Birth of a star e. Main sequence star f. Surface at 3000k 9. The stages of star birth has 4 stages a. Assembly of protostar b. Convective Contraction c. Radiative Contraction d. Self sustaining Fusion...
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