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EXAM_2_review - Lytic and lysogenic cycles HIV life cycle...

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Key Concepts to memorize for exam (for short answer etc) test will be multiple choice (60%), matching/fill-in/drawing (20%), and essay (20%). it is important to be familiar with the other life cycles etc that I spoke about in class, but I will not expect you to be able to draw them I have already given you the definition list - they were underlined in the lecture notes and you should know them - particularly for the Multiple choice & Matching (possibly the essay) Chapter 25: know when the major events happened (i.e. commit the clock to memory) Chapter 19:
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Unformatted text preview: Lytic and lysogenic cycles, HIV life cycle, • Chapter 27: G+ and G- structure, modes of nutrition (27.1), O 2 relationship • Chapter 28: Plasmodium life cycle, Cellular slime mold life cycle • Chapter 31: generalized fungal life cycle (31-5) • Chapter 29: Four key traits in land plants absent in charophyceans (29.5) • Chapter 30: 3 out of the 6 differences b/w monocots and eudicots, Angiosperm life cycle • Chapter 35: Five major types of plant cells and their roles • Chapter 36: Transpiration-Cohesion tension mechanism...
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