BEE hw 6 - Write a position paper stating which of the...

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Write a position paper stating which of the positions, Conway's or Meadows', you agree with more and why. Provide arguments and counter-arguments bto support your position. Be sure to attend to the 'value' of biodiversity; the ways in which each author attends to measures of biological diversity & spatial scales; and issues of productivity, stability, sustainabililty, and the health and integrity of ecosystems. Genetically modified foods (GMFs) have remained a controversial issue over the last decade with two opposing sides that both offer compelling arguments. On one side are supporters of GMFs who argue that GMFs can potentially solve the problem of world hunger while adhering to sustainable agricultural practices. Conversely, opponents of GMFs contend that the production of GMFs will ultimately have a detrimental effect on the environment, biodiversity and human health. Despite the differences and conflicting arguments of the two sides, both are working to achieve the same goal of sustainable agriculture; they are simply approaching it from opposite directions. While Conway and Meadows both offered equally convincing arguments to support their opposing sides, I found myself agreeing more with Conway’s arguments in support of GMFs. I felt Conway offered more feasible approaches to addressing the issues of world hunger while maintaining sustainable agriculture. With over 800 million malnourished people around the world, slowing yield growth of cereals and an expected population increase of 2 billion by 2020, alleviating world hunger will become increasingly more challenging and we will need every kind of help we can get in addressing this problem. I agree with Conway’s stance that GMFs are crucial to the food supply of the developing world and more research is needed to advance our knowledge of GMFs. Millions of
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BEE hw 6 - Write a position paper stating which of the...

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