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3.2 - Describe the'system in which you live some of...

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Describe the 'system' in which you live, some of the 'sub-systems' that make up the system in which you live, and the larger 'system' in which the system in which you live is embedded. (Note: There's no one right answer to this!) The system I am currently a part of and living in is Cornell University. The Cornell University system is both comprised of many smaller sub-systems and is a component of another system larger than itself. When thinking of the sub-systems that collectively makes up Cornell University, the first thing that comes to mind is the seven individual colleges. However, simply putting these seven individual colleges together will not be sufficient in replicating Cornell, as there are numerous other sub-systems within Cornell University that must be considered as well. Some of the other sub-systems include the graduate schools (Law School, Johnson School, etc), housing system (dorms, on-campus apartments), student groups/organizations (Greek system, clubs, etc) and athletic
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