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BEE lesson 8 - Lesson 8 Decision-making assignment"Global...

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..... Lesson 8: Decision-making assignment "Global Warming" Myth or Fact? Recall from the ecosystem lesson that the degree to which humans impact negatively on ecosystems (including systems of which we are a part), is largely dependent on the degree to which we act in accordance with our understanding of ecosystem dynamics and functioning. Unfortunately, however, our understandings are not complete. In fact, biologist Dr. David Suzuki suggests that "the gap in knowledge is so great the hole is big enough for the Earth to fall through." As a result, the choices we make are often make under conditions of uncertainty; further, not everyone is likely to be equally supportive of choices offered for consideration. In this assignment you will consider a dilemma which has been heightened by the apparent attitudes of President Bush and the Bush administration concerning global warming and the Kyoto accords. What does science tell us in this area and what should we be doing if anything? We have developed a sample of some of the recent web sites which address the issue of global warming. Sites, which support the concept of global warming: Global Warming EPA's official web site for global warming. An excellent site for basic information on the science, emissions, environmental effects and climate policy. The Science of Global Warming by the non-profit Environmental Defense. Provides information on facts and myths about climate change and a calculator to estimate your environmental impact. Exploration of Global Warming by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Presents also the Summary findings of reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on: Climate Change Mitigation; Climate Change Impacts; and Climate Change Science (near the bottom of the page). IPCC Report The details of the work of the IPCC including the full reports. Also you
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BEE lesson 8 - Lesson 8 Decision-making assignment"Global...

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