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ORIE 350 Homework #12 Due April 23, 2008 1. Jo Peenya is a sales manager for Bight Computers. Due to health reasons, she plans to work no more than 40 hours per week in the future. Find the customers she should visit. Large Biz Small Biz Individuals No. of customers available per week 10 50 80 Sales per customer $2000 $1000 $500 Commission 5% 8% 10% Hours per visit 4 2 2.5 a) Find the best sales plan b) Find her monthly commissions under this plan 2. Eastmark Store wants to estimate cash disbursements for the first three months of 2008. Estimated cost of goods sold: December: $225,000 January: $250,000 February: $280,000 March: $210,000 35% of the purchases are paid for in the month they are purchased, with the remainder paid the following month. Wages are paid when incurred, and are estimated as: December: $23,000 January: $26,000 February: $31,000 March: $25,000 Other expenses are: Annual Insurance, paid in January, $9,700 New equipment costing $50,000 will be acquired on an capitalized
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ORIE_350_Homework__12_spring_2008 - ORIE 350 Homework#12...

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