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Japanese Skit 1

Japanese Skit 1 - C contestant D C dancer D(c dances)cut...

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C:Ø õ contestant ˜q5 y*+ à ³ • ·ª*øÔ p5 y*+ D: Ø *+ ê [email protected] øÔ–¶ª * á% c r*+ * C ˜q5y*+ à ³• ·ª*øÔ ˆ²•·ª dancer ˆ²• · ª * q5 y *+ à ³ • ·ª*øÔ (c dances) cut cut cut!ˆ ² •·ª * Ø Fan ø°• ·ª * split Ù can u open (ur) fan while you split) and then demo.
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