GenEd 111 section 18 EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE

GenEd 111 section 18 EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE - they choose from...

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GenEd 111 section 18 Spring 2009 Study Guide Exam 2 Exam 2 will be comprised of essay questions only. Be prepared to adequately answer all of these essay questions in class. 1. E UROPE – Industrial Revolution (22) Pp. 691-719 Pp. 721-763 Britain was the first industrial nation. Why? In your essay you must include the following factors: physical environment, the agricultural revolution, the Atlantic economy, cottage industry, government policies, the nature of capitalism, human capital, and what was unique to Britain. 2. I MPERIALISM – Asia in the Era of Western Imperialism (25) Pp. 801-827 How did the Meiji reformers in Japan set about creating a new Western-style nation-state? What models did
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Unformatted text preview: they choose from the West for different institutions and why? Be sure to include these factors: government, education, military, economy, society, and foreign influences. 3. N ATIONALISM – in Asia (28) Pp. 901-929 How did Mustafa Kemal transform Turkey? Was he successful? Be sure to include such factors as: politics, culture, education, economy, military and religion. 4. T HE A GE OF A NXIETY – in the West (29) Pp. 931-955 The Age of Anxiety was, in many ways, ushered in by developments in the fields of physics, philosophy, and psychology. How did these developments contribute to the Age of Anxiety? Be sure to include the discoveries and developments in these three fields....
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GenEd 111 section 18 EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE - they choose from...

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