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anwsers to 3 diff experiments tatsuya - • The maximum...

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In this experiment, the main objective is to design, build, test and evaluate a gear assembly connecting the Lego motor and Lift platform. The system should be capable of lifting the greatest possible mass in under 90 seconds. The power supply voltage must be set at 9 volts and the motor current must not exceed 200 milliamps during operation. Experiment 1 Questions: 1) The mass can be lifted by the motor and wheel from experiment 1. The maximum mass of the object could be lifted by direct drive was 0.35kg. Actually in this experiment, the main purpose was finding out efficiency and torque, so even though worm dive gear and spur gear could lift heavier mass, we just measured only the same mass. However, the data taken by direct drive indicated exact mass it could lift. 2) The maximum torque produced by the motor. The maximum torque produced by the motor for direct drive was 0.04360545 N-m.
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Unformatted text preview: • The maximum torque produced by the motor for worm drive was 0.0249174 N-m. • The maximum torque produced by the motor for spur gear was 0.0249174 N-m. Torque is found by the formula ( τ = m*g*d), (m: mass of the object, g: 9.81 m/sec^ 2 , d: radius of wheel). Because mass of object we used for worm drive and spur gear, torque was obtained the same number. 3) The efficiency of the motor and wheel system varies with load (mass). Efficiency is obtained by the formula [100 * Mechanical Power (joules/sec) / Electrical Power (joules/sec)], and in vertical lift systems the mechanical power is calculated by dividing the amount of work performed by the time taken to perform that work. The work is calculated by multiplying the mass times height lifted * gravity(9.81m/sec^2). Thus, as mass increases, the efficiency increases....
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