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Collision Scenario- MOST PLAUSIBLEtheory in which a Mars-sized object hits Earth early in it ' s development -shines by reflected sunlight, like the moon- with the naked eye, only the first or third quarter phases are visible -the albedo of an object is the fraction of incident light that is reflected (0.1 for Mercury) however since
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Unformatted text preview: it is so close to the sun, It appears very bright · The dai l y t em p erature varratio n on t he f v lool1 i s extreme : :. T . c c n = 4 00 K-. T n ; ,_ , = 10 K · The dai l y t em p erature var i atio n o n Me r c ury is more ext r eme: .· T ee n = 6 00 K T . i ,-, = 1 00 K...
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