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Hw5_2700_s09 - ENGRD2700 Basic Engineering Probability and...

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ENGRD2700 Basic Engineering Probability and Statistics Spring 2009 Homework 5: Random Variables and QQ plots. Hand in by 1:30 pm on Friday, March 6 in the ENGRD2700 dropbox. Be sure to write your name and section number (1–6) on your homework. Make sure that your homework pages are stapled together. This homework has 10 parts. NOTE: Your answers will be graded on the clarity of your writing as well as the correctness of the answer. You must show your work to receive full credit. Any work that you submit must be your own. 1. Devore (7e) Text: 4.36 (p. 155) 2. Devore (7e) Text: 4.38 (p. 155) 3. Devore (7e) Text: 4.42 (p. 155) 4. Devore (7e) Text: 4.46 (p. 155)
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