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hmk10_f08 - A and of the interaction AC using t-tests(c...

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Engineering Statistics ENGRD2700 Homework 10: Experimental design and quality control charts Fall 2008 Do not hand in. However be sure you understand how to answer these questions. Problems like these will likely be on the Final exam! Solutions will be posted later. Read Devore 7e Chapters 16.1, 16.2, 16.3. 1. Use the data in Devore 7e, page 440, Exercise 39. Do not use MINITAB except in part (d). (a) Obtain the cell sample means and variances at each vertex of the design cube. (b) Use the cell sample means to compute the estimated main effect of A and the interaction AC, using their original definition (— see Lecture Notes Section 11.3, page 10). Now use the average of the cell sample variances to test the significance of the main effect of
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Unformatted text preview: A and of the interaction AC using t-tests. (c) Starting with the eight cell sample means, use Yates’ algorithm to obtain estimated values for all the main effects and interactions. Your answers for A and AC should agree with part (b). (d) Verify your answers in parts (b) and (c), by writing the problem as a multiple linear regression with seven covariates (plus intercept). Use MINITAB here. 2. Devore 7e, Chapter 16, Questions 5, 6, 7, 8, 16. In these questions you can use MINITAB to produce the plots. However be sure you understand how to produce these by hand if a computer was unavailable. (You are not allowed a computer in the Final!) 3. More questions on these two subjects in the practice final exam....
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