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31 - Gravitational Lensing 2 Gravitational Lensing in Astrophysics 1. History and basics 2. Lensing theory overview 3. Lensing by clusters of galaxies 4. Cosmic shear 3 …the star’s light is bent by gravity or the curvature of space. One of Einstein’s big ideas… Appears to be here, but it is really here! 4 Eclipse Experiment • Eddington et al. – 29 March 1919 – Principe Island off west coast of Africa • Agrees with Einstein • Einstein becomes a celebrity – Within 1 year more than 100 books written on GR!
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5 Gravity Really Does Bend Light This headline appeared in The New York Times on November 10, 1919. 6 First Einstein Lens Twin Quasar (Double Quasar) Q. Why not just a pair of galaxies? A.The “two” galaxies at the exactly the same red shift and color! That’s not impossible, but it’s very unlikely. Other similar objects were soon found. QSO 0957+561 7 Gravitational lenses have become one of the most important tools in modern astrophysics 8 Seeing the Most Distant Objects in the Universe.
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31_-_Gravitational_Lensing - 31 - Gravitational Lensing...

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