2-2-09 - 2-2-09Northern Kingdom (Ephraimictic)10Southern...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-2-09Northern Kingdom (Ephraimictic)10Southern Kingdom (Judah)2Torah/Pentatuch/Five ScrollsGenesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomycombined community torah of earl north/south communitiesDominant theory is that the pentatuch is a composite work in which major literary strands/traditions have been autistically combined/woven together through the generationsOral Traditionplayed a large rolestarted in oral form then written downbrought oral traditions into canaansettlement in canaan1200bce-1000bcePentatuch took on authrority in around 400bce, after the period of the exileOral stories were given shape/enriched w/ tradition from the 12 tribesLiterary strands brought together by the "priestly writers"Oral Tradition and the Documentary Hypothesismaintains that the pentatuch is a composite workcompilation of various major literary strandstraditions existed side-by-side in the north and the south...
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2-2-09 - 2-2-09Northern Kingdom (Ephraimictic)10Southern...

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