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1-22-09 - c Confuciusism becomes a traditionalist view II...

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Eastern World: 1-22-09 A. Axial Period 1. from 8-2 bce B. Other Periods 1. MISSINGmore C. around 6th century bce Political Background 1. things were disintegrating, after people coming from ad- hering to demands of authority a) confucius responds to this social/political crisis b) represents a kind of conservative view 2. confucius jr called “mozi” a) more rationalistic than traditional viewpoint—selective about traditional practices: wanted to be practical b) more aristocratic
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Unformatted text preview: c) Confuciusism becomes a traditionalist view II. Mencius 1. anarchists opposed to view, disregard politics, more con-cerned with conserving private life—anti-confucius a) meniscus defends confucius view—reformulating new questions that didn’t exist with confucious b/c of time period b) Mentions “prophet” (1) Wrong about how question is formed (2) Confucius—Shift concentration to morilistic ground, ethics, especially in politics...
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