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Mencius Outline - MenciusOutline INTRODUCTION...

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Mencius Outline INTRODUCTION "The Four Books" • 1 The Great Learning • 2 The Doctrine of the Mean • 3 The Analects of Confucius • 4 Mencius Biographical Sources Shih Chi ( trans. Records of The Historian) written @ beginning of 1st cent bce • Contains a Mencius biography, but there is hardly any facts which are not already contained in the Mencius book. • When "Ssu-ma Ch'ien" departs from Mencius, the dates are incorrect "Han Shih Wai Chuan" ( 200 bce) and "Lieh nü Chien" ( 100 bce ) • Contain some early traditions concerning Mencius and his mother • Not known whether the information is actually factual Menius Book Book Structure • Seven books • Titles of chapters are taken from their opening sentances, and are all concerning names of people Mencius had conversations with There is no method for the grouping its parts, except. .. • Book I sections are arranged chronologically w/ precise dates • Parts of Book II (8/9) dealing w/ the invasion of the Yen by Ch'i are also arranged chronologically Increased frequency of wars gave birth to a growing cynicism towards the concept of morality Mencius Response: Man is basically a moral creature Historical Background The Chou replaced The Yin as the ruling house of the empire; And when The
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Mencius Outline - MenciusOutline INTRODUCTION...

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