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Memory Lecture - 8.3 Speech perception and construction...

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8.  Mar. 24          Face and Word Recognition 8.1.   Explicit episodic representation recruits relevant information (priming) and prepares  probable actions.  Multiple pathways make recognition skills robust. 8.2.  Limits of the system: dyslexia, alexia, developmental prosopagnosia, agnosia.  The  ability to learn new faces peaks at 30.  Some people have developmental prosopagnosia while others  have extraordinary facial recognition abilities.  Comparison of recognition of normal and distorted  upright and inverted faces indicates that only information in the top half of the face was used (p.36).
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Unformatted text preview: 8.3. Speech perception and construction demonstrate the high level of abstractness and complexity that is required by social cognition; e.g., communication. Phonological, syllabic, lexical, syntactic, and semantic representations are all involved. When the perceptual information under-determines the representation, the most probable representation is selected; e.g. phonemic restoration....
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