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Study Guide - displacement(displaced reference productivity...

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Study Guide - Linguistics 4 Unit 1: Sign System or Language? Things you should be familiar with for the midterm: Charles S. Peirce (no biographical information necessary) the semiotic triangle icon index symbol Ferdinand de Saussure (no biographical information necessary) the Sausurrean sign concept sound-image Saussure’s characteristics of language arbitrariness of the sign linear nature of the sound-image the multiplicity of signs necessary to form a language the over-complexity of the system open-endedness (vs. fixedness) of the system levels of linguistic analysis phonology morphology derivational inflectional syntax semantics Noam Chomsky American structuralist linguistics and its relation to behaviorism Hockett’s criteria for language, especially: semanticity arbitrariness (arbitrary reference) discreteness (categorical vs. continuous representation)
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Unformatted text preview: displacement (displaced reference) productivity and duality of patterning (combinatorial capacity) traditional (cultural) vs. genetic transmission how naturally occurring animal systems measure up how trained animals’ language-like abilities measure up semantics (the referential "hit"; Helen Keller at the water pump) morphology and syntax criticisms of early animal language research (methodological, linguistic, in relation to ASL) how these criticisms were addressed in subsequent research characteristics of spontaneous gesture accompanying speech, particularly in contrast to linguistic properties of ASL (not specific examples, but general principles) properties of nonhuman primate gesture...
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Study Guide - displacement(displaced reference productivity...

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