Lab5 - Lab 5. Magnetic-Levitation Controller Laboratory...

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Lab 5. Magnetic-Levitation Controller Laboratory Instruction In this lab you will build a 5 op-amp module magnetic levitation controller. Many ideas and concepts from previous labs will be incorporated in this control circuit. You will be instructed as to where to place your components in order to maximize your success when building this circuit. Each output defined in the instructions presupposes that the circuit has been built up to this point. 1. DO NOT HAVE THE POWER ON WHEN BUILDING CIRCUITS. ANY TIME YOU APPLY POWER MAKE SURE YOU VERIFY THE CONDITIONS (VOLTAGE, CURRENT, RESISTANCE, ETC.) ARE CORRECT SO THAT COMPONENTS WILL NOT BE DESTROYED. 2. The intensity of the light coming from the infrared emitter is controlled by the amount of current going through the emitter. To make sure the current going through the emitter is at a minimum, turn the adjusting screw on Pot #1 (1k Ω ) 25 revolutions CCW or until the wiper stops turning or begins to click, before placing Pot #1 on the circuit board. This adjustment will create the largest amount of resistance in the emitter circuit and will thus allow the minimum amount of current to pass through when power is applied. 3. THE EMITTER CIRCUIT MUST BE CONNECTED TO +5 VOLTS. A VOLTAGE GREATER THAN +5 VOLTS WILL DESTROY THE EMITTER . 4. Configure the multimeter so that it can measure current. Attach the positive lead (red min-grabber) from the multimeter to the wire you connected to the +5Volt supply. Connect the common lead (black mini-grabber) from the multimeter to the red wire of the emitter (labeled E) in the Mag-Lev frame. Connect the black wire from the emitter to the CW pin on Pot #1.
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Lab5 - Lab 5. Magnetic-Levitation Controller Laboratory...

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