Lab1 - Lab 1 Current Voltage and Resistance Introduction 1...

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Lab 1. Current, Voltage and Resistance Introduction 1. The TA will show you how to use the multimeter for measuring current, voltage and resistance. 2. The TA will show you how to use a protoboard, also known as breadboard, and the DC power supplies. The Protoboard The protoboard allows you to assemble circuits by placing components into the holes, officially called contact points but usually just points, which are connected internally in various patterns. Measuring Resistance 1.1 Use the resistor color code scheme on page 6 to identify the resistance of the given resistor. 1.2 Use the multimeter to find the resistance of the above resistor. Measuring Current and Voltage 1.3 Connect the resistor in 1.1, the DC power supply (used as a constant voltage source) and the multimeter using the protoboard as shown below. Use red and black banana leads to connect the power supply to the binding posts and red and black wire from the binding posts to the contact points. Assemble a coaxial cable with a BNC/banana adapter on one end and a BNC/minigrabber on the other. Insert the banana plug into the current measuring connectors on the multimeter. Place the resistor on the protoboard by pressing one lead into a point in a horizontal row and select another row for the other lead. Clip the red minigrabber to the red wire coming from the positive power binding post. Clip the black minigrabber to one of the resistor leads. Use a black wire to connect the other resistor lead to the binding post used for power supply common.
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Lab1 - Lab 1 Current Voltage and Resistance Introduction 1...

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