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ANT 100Y 2008-09 BIO Section Lecture #1 Outline ANT 100Y1Y 2008-2009 Introduction to Anthropology Welcome! Please note that copies of the course syllabi are only available from the course web site. Course Coordinator & BIO Lecturer Information Name : Dr. Shawn Lehman Office : AP404A (19 Russell Street) Office Hours : Tuesdays 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. or by appointment E-mail : [email protected] Course Web Site Via the UT Portal ( and Blackboard. Please register on web site ASAP. USE A VALID UTOR e-mail address ! Any uncollegial postings or comments that contravene UT Code of Student Conduct made by student(s) on “Discussion Board" will result in immediate suspension of access to course web site by individual(s) involved. Four Sections in the Course 1). Biological Anthropology: Dr. Shawn Lehman 2). Archaeology: Dr. Christopher Watts 3). Linguistics/Semiotics: Dr. Ivan Kalmar 4). Socio-cultural Anthropology: Dr. Leslie Jermyn Contact information on course web site. Administrative Questions? Contact Administrative TA, Emily Court , if you have any problems or issues due to attendance in class, your health, taking tests/exams, &/or other stuff. Emily’s e-mail: [email protected] Check Course Policies section on ANT 100 web site for information on what to do if you will miss or have missed a test/exam . Content Questions? Contact your TAs via e-mail or visit instructor/TAs during their weekly office hours. Contact information on course web site. TA contact information will be made available ASAP. You should contact your assigned TA, although you’re free to go to any TAs office hours. Evaluation Four assignments (5%/assignment) *: 20% Term Test 1 (Dec exam period): 20% Term Test 2 (April 9, 6:10-8:00 p.m.): 20% Final Exam: (2009 Final exam period: 40% TOTAL: 100% * One assignment for each section of course. Assignment information available shortly on course web site.
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