BIO Lecture Outline 2 - ANT 100 Y BIO Lecture #2 Outline...

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ANT 100 Y BIO Lecture #2 Outline Major weakness: how characteristics inherited? Blended? Lamarckian view? Does “Lamarckian” Blending Work? Gregor Mendel (1822-84) Grew common garden pea ( Pisum sativum ). Why Pea Plants Important? 1. Inbred, 2. Hybrids, 3. Observable traits, 4. Plants small, & 5. Self-fertilize & cross fertilize. Some of Mendel’s Pea Traits Smooth vs. dented seeds, yellow vs. green seeds, green vs. yellow pods. Mendel’s Methods Self pollinate to produce pure breeding plants. Mendel’s Methods Cross pollinate pure varieties with contrasting traits to produce hybrid offspring Mendel’s Methods Hybrids self pollinate, observe physical traits of offpsring. Mendel’s Conclusions Each plant carries two copies of 'factor' If plants 'breed true', then the factors identical; otherwise, one mask the other. What Really Happened? Mendel not sure No genetics at that time. The Modern Synthesis of Evolution Focus: how evolution works at level of phenotypes, genes, and populations. DNA > RNA > Protein Genetics Somatic cells: most cells in body (except sex cells). Gametes: sex cells (sperm and ovum [egg]).
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BIO Lecture Outline 2 - ANT 100 Y BIO Lecture #2 Outline...

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