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EEE230_debraCallis_test3 - -When an exception occurs in...

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-When an exception occurs in MIPS, the EPC holds the address of the instruction causing the exception . –The finite state machine must be expanded to include control for exceptions true . –The type of hazard that occurs because of a conflict with the hardware resource is structural hazard . - Structural Hazards. They arise from resource conflicts when the hardware cannot support all possible combinations of instructions in simultaneous overlapped execution. - Data Hazards. They arise when an instruction depends on the result of a previous instruction in a way that is exposed by the overlapping of instructions in the pipeline. - Control Hazards. They arise from the pipelining of branches and other instructions that change the PC. –What is required at the end of each pipelined stage Aregister to hold the results. – Which stage requires no controls ID - Which does the following detect EX/MEM.registerRd=ID/EX.RegisterRs Data hazard. –Pipelining can improve Throughput –The ALUOp lines are
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