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EEE230_Good afternoon_code - Good afternoon my name is...

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Good afternoon, my name is Alejandro Tinoco with Arizona driver’s license B14562417 and owner of a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee. I was required to have installed an ignition interlock on my car for12 months, the 24 of April of this year (2008) it would be the completion of the 12 months period. I called the ignition interlock representative yesterday April the 16, and he asked me to call the MVD to request the permission to removed the interlock. When I talked with the MVD representative he mentioned to me that his records showed that there was an attempt to misuse the interlock (by-pass it illegally) and that an extension of 12 months was added due to the violation, I was stunned with the information since I have never tried to by-pass the interlock. The MVD representative recommended me to call the ignition interlock representative to find out why and when this attempt of misuse of the interlock was reported. After checking his database, the attempt was reported the 23 rd of January of 2008. On January the 13
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  • Fall '08
  • Nakamura
  • representative, Jeep Grand Cherokee, ignition interlock, ignition interlock representative, Alejandro Tinoco, Interlock Incorporated

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