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Structure.questions_V_answer - since the destructive...

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MTLE-2100 Structure of Engineering Materials, Questions V-Answer 1. Why the incident angle θ should be same as the diffracted angle? Otherwise, x-ray beam scattered by one atom and the beam scattered by other atoms on the same plane would not be in phase. 2. X-ray line broadening—why it happens? When particles are small, the scattered intensity off Bragg angle cannot be zero
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Unformatted text preview: since the destructive interference is incomplete. 3. Plot the following quantities on a complex plane. 4. Calculate F 2 for the following complex quantities. i) F= fe π i , ii) F= fe-2 π i , iii) F= a+ ib f: Atomic scattering factor F: Structure factor i) F 2 = f 2 e π i e-π i =f 2 . ii) F= f 2 e-2 π i e +2 π i = f 2 iii) F 2 = (a+ ib)(a- ib) = a 2 + b 2...
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