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University of Colorado at Boulder - Film Studies Program FILM 3051: FILM HISTORY I Fall 2008 Instructor: Andrew Watson Andrew. [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Christina Rudosky [email protected] Office hours: F 12 - 2:30 and by appt. Office: ATLAS 311 A Course Description: This course explores world cinema from its emergence in 1895, through the transition to sound, and up to the enactment of the Production Code, one of the most explicit forces of censorship in American history. We will examine a wide range of films, beginning with the earliest single-shot films of Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers, moving through early narrative films, German Expressionism, Soviet montage, French Impressionism, Japanese cinema, and Hollywood's classical studio era. The goals of the course are to develop your ability to assess film narratives critically and to acquaint you with a variety of early films. We will work to position these films within their historical and cultural context, while also remaining attentive to how they speak to film viewers today. 4 credits. Prerequisite: FILM 1502. Required Texts: 1. David Cook's History of Narrative Film, 4th edition 2. Reserve Readings ("RR" on syllabus), available on course website. You are responsible for downloading, printing, and reading these articles before the days indicated on the syllabus. Course Website (CULearn): contains syllabus, readings, announcements, grades, etc.
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EDISON STUDIOS Sandow the Strongman (1894) - 46 sec. Comic Boxing: The Glenyroy Brothers (1894) - 27 sec. Cockfight (1894) - 41 sec. The Barber Shop (1894) - 40 sec. Annabelle Serpentine Dance (1895) - 34 sec. The Kiss (1896) - William Heise, 47 sec. Seminary Girls (1897) - 30 sec. LUMIERE BROTHERS Wokers Leaving the Lumiere Factory (1895) - Louis Lumiere, 46 sec. Baby's Meal (1895) - Louis Lumiere, 1 min. The Sprinkler Sprinkled (1895) - Louis Lumiere, 49 sec. Transformation by Hats (1895) - Louis Lumiere, 1 min. Childish Quarrel (1896) - Louis Lumiere, 1 min. GEORGE MELIES A Trip to the Moon (1902) - Georges M61ies, 12 min. G.A. SMITH WILLIAMSON Grandma's Reading Glass (1900) - George Albert Smith, 2 min. Sick Kitten (1903) - George Albert Smith, 1 min. EDWIN S. PORTER Life of an American Fireman (1902) - Edwin S. Porter, 6 min. The Great Train Robbery (1903) - Edwin S. Porter, 10 min. Rescued from an Eagle's Nest 6 min. Films: ANIMA nON The Enchanted Drawing (1900) - Thomas Edison (?), 2 min. Humorous Phases of Funnny Faces (1906) - J. Stuart Blackton, 3 min. Fantasmagorie (1908) - Emile Cohl, 1 min. The Cameraman's Revenge (Ladislaw Starewicz, 1912), 12 min. Gertie the Dinosaur
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syllabus0001 - University of Colorado at Boulder Film...

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