essay0001 - l'Y I ,"0 Id h ilt v V~ ' 1m vv r-.I...

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Unformatted text preview: l'Y I ,"0 Id h ilt v V~ ' 1m vv r-.I Cl L k ( n\ 1'1 I lX. 11 C!<-vm qrw e.-V l tD \t\ IV1A 'v; Y h 1 e p pie Itl s 'e a. d 1V1 q s Tm +eg I e f vve-l{ e .to I e\ y b et~ n t1tu p e-o r 1 e I Tlrl(:. y LOlA to ve 1(;\ t.e to 'v1 iVV\-I kl+ tA +-vvt e LOVI n ufo VI \ \ \Le tV1 e- h lULo VV I J Or.LkiD V\ W (A~ 11 to uq'h IA VI cl. ve S I II .e. Vl t lY 'o:vL :I' ~Vx if<:-.f,.( C,l;\QOlAt CA qov't g:f tru people lVJQ \lVO! OVle 0+ t'Vle people VJ I VtA r-e l f) @ ):$ tU.rov-l- \'1 PlA \0 III cvecll t - 1+a..v\JU\ tD vi" yes r V1 r e to d e-a\ wid Q.J?t \ VI A VV1 e.vl c Cl. GYe ut +c.d r W / UJebf!-r'1. ~ <;C>~ to f-lA. Vl ~ debt{ p Ct'l fw t cl e.-\1 t / d ~\ III YVl e i'ltc.f0l~ ~ t s tR 1-e d e...\?h l (l S S fA Y1A-I0 h n). TV! \I k (u:! ~'I '(f'i'+. h I+R WI diD VI ( , 1s:r bet VI tOt t1IJ e us W Yll(,.l!t DM4t M CAd i c;; D VI d\ < ;. 0. q y",e d CI ve. ct t l ~ W/ th ~II\IUAJA,' [6r d,~}~~lt~~~~q~~D~J\'1~teAYJq, h.') y"V"vy&-t _ \;)-- --1" D (U'l1LDt t\IIe, lAn I+eel S fT:tn..J) (!,;(P, tJeVYtDCVo.. tl G Uu Ix - Jd-fen Dvli VgCLVlI L {.H io V lI b~.~d ~ uJ~ ~ (AVlO foClAf-ed 0 V1 d ~VV1()~vy ~ F ! ~ c l --u -' nlJ fA}>.f, ~ V\\L;( ~ tr.uA-ccl M ~ ~ y w .. d I VI~ ( wI" d ct.lAAYl \'Ik.. . '\,-w'~ J VI Y1 J 0.. Y I ct a. VVlV l J 0 V i VI J 0.. y'( tv\:> tit ty I, ' I ~""'Jx&,"1' Th 11 i 1 VI 0 la:n 0 Vl t tvJ Q <;ed.1 hoYl a Lh-rn lA + <;. t-a ter ,- h vv va Vlg to trA.l ~ beAd \y a. kJou +- (). P evso VI ~II.U?d.evln 9 0+- iVlL.,gYQs, ) @~, \nu'- d. ci...
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This note was uploaded on 04/06/2009 for the course HIST 1015 taught by Professor Mann,ralph during the Fall '07 term at Colorado.

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essay0001 - l'Y I ,"0 Id h ilt v V~ ' 1m vv r-.I...

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