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class notes0001 - First Bank of the US is a central body...

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First Bank of the US is a central body that keeps track of report on public credit. Madision doesn't agree with HamiJton on this, he says "there is nothing in the Constitution that gives you authority to create a bank of the US" Anti Federalists are AGAINST the Constitution because it doesn't protect personal liberties. They thought in local terms and were radicals for independence. Democratic Clubs is Jeffersons way to organize opposition and identity with the French against American policy. It was formed at the local level to talk about democracy Report on Public Credit is what Hamilton comes up with to deal with debt. His plan is to payoff debt, assume state debts and fund debt The Democracy is Jackson's political organization that represents the people; he talks to influential people in the community, newspapermen, and has a direct link to the rank in file "Old Hickory" is Jacksons nickname that represents he is tough and resilient, like the common man, relates to the people directly Hard Cider is Harrisons symbol, "log cabin a man of hard cider" and comes from democrats attacking common man on the frontier Battle of New Orleans starts with the war hawks, Indians have to unite in order to resist Americans, Tecumseh was the leader. Tecumseh forms an alliance with the British and this is very scary. The war hawks push Madison into the war of 1812 and Tecumseh is killed in Canada and two things comes out of this 1. the Indians are left with no leader to untie them 2. Battle of New Orleans. Jackson wins, this is a huge victory. New Orleans=mouth of the Miss River, major port. America now, is the ONLY one who controls the frontier. Era of Good Feelings is during Madisons presidency, there is one political party, no opposition, rapid expansion Missouri Compromise when Missouri wanted to enter the Union as a slave state, but was to far N (above the 36 30) they would have to allow Missouri to enter as a slave state, but to balance it out, Maine as a free state. This was not at all a compromise however, it was Henry Clay and 17 others to made the balance, not the Nand S Madisons Caucus was formed when Madison lost the election over implied powers to Hamilton. It is a common group that agree to vote together to insure a victory for Madison the next election
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Monroe Doctrine was created in response to the ongoing problems between Britain and France. British wanted a joint declaration with America, represented the high point in the era of good feelings Orders of council were a way to force Americans to side with the British. The British say Americans are "British citizens in rebellion" it is a blockade with the continent, doesn't let American ships sail where they want Lincoln was the most powerful president up to this time. He has war powers, which were special powers only certain presidents have to protect the Union. He was known as the "rail splitter" (he represented the frontier and split rails to make fences) He was a man of peace and progress and is part of the Republican
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class notes0001 - First Bank of the US is a central body...

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