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class notes0004 - --C\ Y '{l en'C II \ y) ~\A Yb~ e l.ln t...

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Unformatted text preview: --C\ Y '{l en'C II \ y) ~\A Yb~ e l.ln t eyY11 S ~~ ~.l,\4'X!.~eJ1d,W- Un1-e-s LDn q \A. e~i 1'19 M-e x I co / p.; z.+eG p eD pie a~ D..- v-evv an:! tY1t~ 9Glve muYl V\\laqes d.\'10 \ClV1d IV\ t'V1t ~\'1d· s--ets tAp 0--. \l) co.J power StYUU11ye, H1 f\vvl~Vl co... {AVId fA Y\ew Pt>w-ex~tvu~ for t\.1e \ Yld \ CU1S. cveute d 0. form t \0 (oj @-Q .D vv\t\ i 0\11-tV-tvtjUV1C WOYIt ed. O(\)is ter((), - peD~\e Vv'VlD V\tld )tvdlfd 111~ 0\~le VQ,Y\J U05-t1~ - MO~1k.S- co.~t lA,p Wlhl t111~ veJI~lOur ~e-. frw1en U), \!lDWev~r wo.J V1.0t OVI it - Th \~ \ d en wen t aqa I Vlft tY1 e DY\1\~ tenravum - II VIew lOYld fnvlw UA tv\~t ,<; y]Dt OYl m l~ bl~lical ma.p~ 1/ W \1e-.y) lQ\u.m0Us h it ~/Y\Dt 0\1\' 111 Q tJ. T. \t yY\ (Hi e C\ V\~ 1 VI\Yl g S ' ee-m p 0S < :, 1\1\ e l~~sryxa(~. tt WoVlc \\11 tlAvOr(){tYle people t7.n~.ln9 OVQX. tutl~Y1es~ j 11)\?YI(1g i11 Q , P t DQ\ e ~ t> \A wexe CA +- W (l r \N I-h1 cV\ V1 S teA\ Y1 I t\J ~ u V\ lit- {A +i 0n· \ Y\ d I ClYlJ otftted ek:'vnOJ <;l\\vD..hOYl \* d!\DJ-e tD Gl.lf\?1 it · YXl£yCOvn+l\\S~- The.0Y'./ O t €..lOy\0YV\IO TVltAt pVQaOVV1lnClted ,'YI 6Vln~\tllD\0(1ies- rvtt \O€a tv1o.-\- LO\OYH~J j(~I~t-c.d tort1l1e m()lV1£Y\Clrld. Dlreck-d MWl tvlQ, W¥J - o.S,S\AWl~ (DVYlYnO,Y1 \()~o.l ty (lytd de-mLlna~ IA s y~+ em O t- Lon'tYO \ IYltvlL c't)\0\1le5. De.uclQ5 WYlG\ts vest tin tvle cOlonle.r? +-Or l; Y1 3'c1nd. \.\1 d tY\ tux ecl. SU\l a.V\ts,~ ( '00 v V1 d YVH~J(l) - h t\ P IVl e l 0\()VI y. Not-evl \A g h reo p\ e to p \.A \- to w (\L \ V1-rn \ s I' \?D~YV l I Y\ gel 0 VI D YV\ Y." 111 e.. Ii e LA ye Y\I1 ex! w \\ 11 Y1 q tD ~o 11) vA J lA.~Y'~e h s--e.YVQ tuy Y-l ,,/rs J YJD\AYlde.d '0'/ C.OV\1YULt. A-f-·t-ex hYVle wo,i tAr, ~eJ lIttle vewo.yo SIALV1 cu it) ('ahles. Wle-Vl \'pen-+ t'VH~H~ ~ e [A VS ~vow \'Yl g to bet u 0 C\\'1 cl p-eYt-oY VVl I n q CA. g yiW \tlAyet\ 1 C\ \Q or fu'( tV1t~e to\Dy\leJ. BOUXICh'VleY1 ~ \o.\?OY SOIAYL€ ;: $~ fuy c.olon~ ~ The., fU'~e \y) lota.\ power r1tHH-e 0~ ~,f?}4r.'}.£.~s ~ - \VI e ~~T (.e,ov € ~ tYlm t i \ { e C\ \J t WI A-w1 e- Y1 l &t j C.D Yl no \l e d \0 U~ \ vY \ (Hl ~Y'\ t C\ov T su LV1 ~ S TeA X ~SJ \ lU70 Y poi, u e J \ Yl tv1 e" U)\DVl \-€S . CVe C l tLd CA~GlVl\y)l~ntlVQ, +0 tVltlC€ ~Vl91l\h 5~ttleY1 tv h1e lOIOYlY. B\A\\dJ fA loyall 0.. \re (;\- l \) VIY1 eeJ' \) Y) \1tWYl t\fl e, p~ or\ e. P-e0r \ e V'J 0-11\ kO CA'0 to. I -{ OYI'11 +- 00\1 L t+Dbc.'\cum~d l vrqVltJ fvvm rue swv+ 1- CIOlm nqVlt tD lDVltVlJ\ TRXeS-ln1e.mal +iA x € r l-r c\.xes to \1vtl I d YO a ds I P(). Y 90 v· J do '0 us, VI ef ~ 0~ tV1 e, co\ D VI Y \ ' I ' . . 2-CleJ- 11) lD V1.tvo \ IG\bDr \}\Y o.,yD ce,,.- \ lAh VI to y voI le VOtl Y1 q. N U-t- CAt).-t-VVlu lXClGC\. \r) cu--€ G \ 0 V1 P OvY-\-" llpo:hoY\ o-\- \VIe v~Dy:})e. \lYI~ed cuvect'l\ tu Y(,LY1\L H1 file· a p-tVl QlelhOV\- .eJI-tuYCe UWVWV\ \A V\\ r-y ('AWl v V\ ~ 19\ I)Y\ \) - VD"fe \~ \A P tu t'V1 e.-.m....
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This note was uploaded on 04/06/2009 for the course HIST 1015 taught by Professor Mann,ralph during the Fall '07 term at Colorado.

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class notes0004 - --C\ Y '{l en'C II \ y) ~\A Yb~ e l.ln t...

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