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class notes0005 - Women are inferior to men o Men in...

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Unformatted text preview: Women are inferior to men o Men in teaching can demand a higher price for tuition than a woman o In tailoring, a man has 3x as much for making a waistcoat or pants as a woman o Woman goes out to wash, works as wood sawyer, coal heaver, but not able to make more than half as much by a day's work o The low estimation in which a woman is held o Women's education exalts their connection to superior being Fem;le ~~::n bought and s~~~~arte~;i~~{hruLn (l,0 V \ vu I blcc Gk) o Bribed or whipped into compliance o Laws in protection of female slaves would be null and void, blc evidence of colored person is not admitted against white o Suffer every species of cruelty- tied up, whipped, naked bodies tom into scorpion lash **can any American woman look at these shocking scenes and say "I have nothing to do with slavery?" she cannot and be guiltless. ** Americans cherished the opportunity to acquire land Panic of 1837 sparked popular demands for more markets, Oregon and California "manifest destiny"- spread democracy, freedom, uncivilized peopled Expansion split the 2 parties o Democrats-territorial acquisition would preserve the nation o Whigs- believed expansion cloaked an evil conspiracy to spread slavery James K Polk won election- sparked heated debate on expansion John O'Sullivan (democrat and NY based joumalist)- "manifest destiny"... Texas is ours o Republican form of constitution o Reception of Texas into Union o Independence of texas was complete and absolute (independence of right) No obligation to Mexico- a resistance to revolution proslavery measure o opinions divided at N and S o slavery disappear from N o slave labor in Texas Spanish- American- Indian population o Mexico, Central America, South America o Emancipate it from slavery o Elevate Negro race o "prejudices" California o Fall away from country o-6yULoX \? u .' '{: P CL-VLS (CoY, i:J +- LD vLV l_+V 'U J-- c jet clt s V ' ~e S \ s+c-ol CL VI V\"\U< f-- \-e )( tl S' Y:', G-t"vlCt -\'. c...V 01-A. t cl \A-tNve lA-.V\ b O -~ C ,.l--V I. <:.s<-d f\J / <" . o Like Mexico, can never exert any real govt authority p (.) U J e...V j y lu i"' Angle- Sax~n ~oot on borders eu I GL Vl C:) to Th rD'l ~ o IrresIstIble anny lA ..N lI v V ' 0 ../ ~ r o Emigration, marking trail with schools, colleges, courts, representative 5-1 fA )Jp JA I halls, mills, meetinghouses- - '-"V '1 . o Population soon that of California- become independent Right to independence=natural right of self govemment- distinct in position, origin, character free from mutual obligations of common political body Duty of loyalty, compact of public faith Title of independence=California will assert and maintain this independence don't know whether or not they will detach from Union hold together Pacific Region o of Mississippi valley o Magnetic telegraph enables editors to set up President's inaugural before it dies away ......
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class notes0005 - Women are inferior to men o Men in...

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