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reading checklist0001 - and Townscape in the'Kitchen Sink...

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FILM 3043: BRITISH CINEMA PETERSON I SPRING 2008 1/15: BCB Introductions pp. xi-xii, pp. 1-7 Marcia Landy, "The Other Side of Paradise: British Cinema from an American Perspective," RR 1/17: BCB chapters 1,24 & 25 1/22: BCB chapters 18 & 19 1/24: Tom Ryall "Hitchcock and Genre: The 'Classic Thriller Sextet,'" RR 1/29: BCB chapter 7 Samantha Lay, "The Documentary Movement and Social Realism," RR 1/31: Timothy Corrigan, A Short Guide to Writing About Film, pages TBA 2/5: Andrew Higson, "The Instability of the National," RR 2/7: Marcia Landy, "Empire, War, and Espionage Films," RR 2/12: Robert Murphy, "The British Film Industry: Audiences and Producers," RR Jeffrey Richards, "National Identity in British Wartime Films," RR 2/14: BCB chapter 14 Richard Dyer on Brief Encounter, RR 2/19: Read: BCB chapter 9 2/21: BCB chapter 28 2/26: BCB chapter 13 2/28: BCB chapter 8 3/6: BCB chapter 17
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Unformatted text preview: and Townscape in the 'Kitchen Sink' Film," RR 3/13: BCB chapter 27 3/18: Read: Tom Ryall, "British Companies and America," RR 3/20: Alexander Walker, "Cameraman's Dream," RR 4/1 : BCB chapter 31 4/3: John Orr, 'The Art of National Identity: Peter Greenaway and Derek Jarman," RR 4/8: Andrew Higson, "Nostalgia and Pastiche in the Heritage Film," RR 4/10: BCB chapter 23 Andrew Higson, "The Heritage Film and British Cinema," RR 4/15: BCB chapter 30 4/17: Edward Trostle Jones, "Reinterpreting the Family: Life is Sweet and Secrets & Lies," RR 4/24: Gargi Bhattacharyya and John Gabriel, "Gurinder Chadha and the Apna Generation," RR 4/29: Sarah Street, "The 1970s to 2000: British Films and the 'New' Hollywood," RR 5/1: BCB, chapters 33 & 36...
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