writing assignment #10001

writing assignment #10001 - make some comparisons wi ~er...

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FILM 3043: British Cinema Spring 2008 Peterson Writing Assignment #1 "What is interesting is not pronouncing a film good or bad, but explaining why." --Fran~ois Truffaut Write a 4-page film review of The 39 Steps or any of the other fIlms from Alfred Hitchcock's British "thriller sextet." Envision that your audience is a group of fellow film students who know something about Hitchcock, but have not seen any of his British films. You will need to provide a concise plot summary, an~ the filIil inits Bntlsh~tional conte~ You may also want to
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Unformatted text preview: make some comparisons wi ~er Hitchcock films your audience may have seen. Finally, since this is a film review, you are ultimately either recommending the film, or not recommending it to your reader. Your review should be a minimum of 4 full pages in length. Be sure to number your pages. Please double-space your lines, use a 12-point font, and use page margins no greater than 1". Give your review a title: come up with something punchy, do not simply reiterate the film's title....
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writing assignment #10001 - make some comparisons wi ~er...

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