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writing assignment #20001 - FILM 3043: British Cinema...

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FILM 3043: British Cinema Spring 2008/Peterson Writing Assignment #2 Write a 7-8-page film analysis of one of the films we have watched in class this semester. You are free to come up with a topic of your own, or you can use the topics below as a guideline. You may also combine any of these topics. You must restrict your analysis to one film only. You may certainly mention other British films in your discussion, but your analysis will become superficial if you try to cover more than one film in a paper of this length. You must incorporate at least TWO of the class readings into your argument. Quote from the readings, engage them, use them to prove your own points. (Failure to do so will significantly lower your grade.) Although it's not a req~irement, you may also want to do some outside research into your film·"""--u.ebB To VJp. .(1l ~r.:: Due ID class Tuesday 4/15. ~ '--1 ') '~rV'I;""-' ("'\ a.-3 J Ch \ <S Suggested Topics: --, I ~ \ ) 1. TEXTUAL ANALYSIS Write a paper in which you closely analyze the narrative of a single film. What is the main theme or issue of the film? What are the secondary themes or issues of the film? Choose one scene that you think is particularly important, and do a close (shot-by-shot) analysis. How does the film use techniques such as suspense, humor, and the uneven distribution of information narrate its story? How does the film use formal devices such as mise-en- scene, editing, camerawork, sound to make its points? Does the film make a coherent statement, or is it contradictory? 2. POLITICAL / IDEOLOGICAL ANALYSIS All movies contain ideological points of view, whether or not they are intentionally making an ideological argument. Choose
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writing assignment #20001 - FILM 3043: British Cinema...

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