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labor unions worksheet0001 - What jobs are covered by...

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Unformatted text preview: What jobs are covered by unions, what kinds of unions do we have in CO? How does union acceptance vary across the US and why? MI, NY, AK and HI have high Union acceptance, where as SC, NC, and AR have lowest Union acceptance rates. Usually due to what jobs are prevalent in the area and also what corporations have influence over the area (Walmart-Arkansas) Management often fmds that unions are inconvenient and take away their power. ri~~:l:~ Aci. \\ yY1\ t P u we If Vh \()V1 C Ole t1 VI ye of \ 1'1 U\I (,1~V1 U2... \;<:1-UV\ll)Y1 Snuj':> (lbtvre \(\.,..~t\1---.-- •----......:.:--C'-J r. n ~V\ t- rv LNvyK _ ., ~~~~_ Griffi~~_ P \1) \-eG-1- 'v V I I l) V l W Y \U ' YS I? t.1 tj" v. \ f e j J 1 0 7 \ 1 - \ Supervisors, managers, and confidential employees are excluded from the NLRA Wagner Act: egalized union activity in 1935. It was designed to empower workers ie~VV\1 I've . fOwtA 'Z- o Established NLRA, which gave the right to form union and engage in strikes, picketing, and collective bargaining. \r., \ \~\ ~. o Established the NLRB X' If yf'(' .J h'\oV\\ru\,? \/(,...9 YJ(~f!'rt What do unions do on behalf of workers? Walfc!? .wt~t Advocate for workers rights Wf)'P1L h P '\H 3 lor rP\ W IlY 1L-ly c P Y ) d ~ h Q Y '\S Collective bargaining- w~ h tt h ~. ft,r W\) YlC-t vs t-i> ~ r-v Y pe V1 o ' h rre Z~ =3 'tJ '3- vI0Vlt'.> Ih \t\'!:?c'( cvnll2tte-(- OR. e l D Y lO Y v }IC -S rn \6 2 :...
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labor unions worksheet0001 - What jobs are covered by...

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